We are on Facebook - Stillwater 1983 Class Reunion
We have email - 83stillwaterponies@gmail.com
If you would like to contact any of the committee members directly, their contact info is below. OR...
You can fill out the form below and one of the committee members will contact you:
Chris (Anglo) John: chrisanglojohn@gmail.com 651-888-2232
Heidi (Du Fresne) Pucel: hmpucel@comcast.net 651-283-9383
Rich Rappa: rhrappa2@mmm.com 651-737-6388
Kelly (Corcoran) Reichersamer: kellyreicher@comcast.net 360-774-1311
Patrick Stewart: patrick.stewart@andersencorp.com 651-323-3650
Mary (Valsvik) Wolf: mwolf@centralbnk.com 651-472-3491
Matt Hobson:
imfrezn@aol.com 612-670-8794