Welcome to the 80's
The 80's weren't just another decade,  but instead took on a life of their own. Big hair, big make-up, skin tight jeans with ripped out knees. "Hair Bands", "One Hit Wonders", "The Brat Pack". We all have our favorite guilty pleasures from the 80's. Gather up your parachute pants  stirrups,  Zumba pants off the shoulder shirt and join in for a journey back through time to the year 1983. Our Journey back to the year of 1983 will take a look at what were the popular books, movies, major events, fads & trends, popular music, & technology, sports, television and statistics for 1983. The 80's were certainly a time to remember so enjoy yourselves as you step back to 1983.
Popular TV Shows in 1983
1. Dallas (CBS)
2. 60 Minutes (CBS)
3. Dynasty (ABC)
4. The A-Team (NBC)
5. Simon & Simon (CBS)
6. Magnum, P.I. (CBS)
7. Falcon Crest (CBS)
8. Kate & Allie (CBS)
9. Hotel (ABC)
10. Cagney & Lacey (CBS)
Last episode of M*A*S*H  aired with over 125 million viewers!!
The BIG Movies
1. Return Of The Jedi
2. Terms of Endearment
3. Flashdance
4. Trading Places
5. War Games
6. Octopussy
7. Sudden Impact
8. Staying Alive
9. Mr. Mom
10. Risky Business
Best Film Oscar Winner
Terms of Endearment
1983 Publitzer Prizes
Marsha Norman "'night Mother"
Alice Walker "The Color Purple
Rhyls L. Issac "The Transformation of Virginia, 1740-1790"
International Reporting
Thomas L. Friedman "New York Times" & Loren Jenkins "Washington Post"
National Reporting
Staff "Boston Globe"
Public Service
"Jackson (MS) Carion-Ledger"
Major Events of 1983
1983 certainly was a year filled with news breaking events some of which we shall never forget. These events for the entire year are listed directly below a few other news events that also occured in 1983 and deserve to be mentioned.
  • In 1966 Dick Shulze founded his stereo store, 'The Sound of Music.' In 1983, he renamed it "Best Buy" and started the current chain of home electronics stores.
  • Sally Ride became the first woman in Space.
  • Crack"cocaine is developed in the Bahamas, and soon appears in the United States.
  • The "Just Say No' anti-drug campaign debuts
  • Actor Kevin Costner was 'the dead guy' in the opening of the film The Big Chill, but we never saw his face.
  • J. Crew began selling through a mail-order catalogue.
  • Vanessa Williams becomes first African-American Miss America
  • The final episode of M.A.S.H. aired with more than 125 million viewers tuned in to watch.
  • Northern Chad seized by Libyans and Rebels Libya continued its involvement in Chad. The government requested and received aid from both US and French governments.
  • The Last Deloreans were produced in 1983.
  • Nintendo Entertainment System, My Little Pony, Care Bears, WereBears stuffed bears, Cabbage Patch Kids were the must-have Christmas toy.
  • Singer Karen Carpenter died of complications from anorexia nervosa at age 32.
  • People Magazine's most intriguing people for 1983 were: Debra Winger, Mr. T., Joan Rivers, Matthew Brodrick, Michael Jackson, & Jennifer Beals.
  • Dennis Wilson of The Beach Boys died from a drowning accident while diving off his friends 52 foot yacht Emerald in Marina Del Ray, California. By special dispensation of the United States government he was buried at sea.
Computer/Tech and Science News of 1983
  • Computer mouse was invented.
  • Camcorders were introduced
  • The CD is introduced to the general public This will eventually spawn a huge nostalgia market for all types of music
  • The FCC authorizes Motorola to begin testing cellular phone service in Chicago. The Grandson of Alexander Graham Bell answered the first commerical mobile phone call
  • ARPANET officially changes to use the Internet Protocol, creating the Internet
  • Lotus 1-2-3 is released
  • Microsoft Word is released
  • IBM releases their IBM PC XT
  • The Apple Lisa (the prototype of the Macintosh) was released as well as the Apple IIe
  • US Space Shuttle Challanger is launched on its maiden flight
  • Nintendo started selling the home video game console "family Computer" employing a custom CPU (Custom Processing Unit) and PPU (Picture Processing Unit)
  • Swatch introduces their first watches
  • The first person to receive an Artificial Heart, Barnet Clark, dies after 112 days
  • Sidney Altman discovered an enzyme, ribonuclease P, which is intertwined with RNA, and that the RNA alone could weakly catalyse
  • Arthur L. Koch published his surface stress theory of microbial morphogenesis
  • Arthur T. Winfree published predictions on inducing and halting heart fibrillation based on non-linear dynamics and topology
Major quotes for 1983
“Go ahead, make my day”- Clint Eastwood in 'Sudden Impact'
"Say hello to my little friend!"- - Tony Montana in 'Scarface'
"Would you like to play a game?"- - NORAD W.O.P.R. in 'WarGames'
Sports Titles For 1983
World Of Sports For 1983
Super Bowl XVII
Washington Redskins beat Miami Dolphins 27-17
NCAA Football
Miami beat Florida Record 11-1-0
Heisman Trophy Winner
Mike Rozier, Nebraska RB points 1,801
NBA Championship
Philadelphia 76er's beat L.A. Lakers (4-0)
NCAA Basketball Championship
N.C. State beats Houston (54-52)
Stanley Cup Championship
N.Y. Islanders beat Edmonton Oilers (4-0)
World Series Championship
Baltimore Orioles beat Philadelphia Phillies (4-1)
Wimbledon Tennis Championship
Women: Martina Navratilova beats A. Jaeger (6-0 6-3)
Men: John McEnroe beats C. Lewis (6-2 6-2 6-2)
US Open Golf Championship
Larry Nelson Score: 280
Course: Oakmont CC, Oakmont, PA
Kentucky Derby Champion
Sunny's Halo
World Cup Soccer Championship
Italy beats Germany Score: 3-1
Statistics For 1983
US President
Ronald Reagan
US Vice President
George Bush
US Population
World Population
Life Expectancy
Both Genders: 74.6
Life Expectancy
Male: 71
Life Expectancy
Female: 78.1
Average Income
Gross Domestic Product
In Billions 3,534.9
Unemployment Rate
Marriage Rates
Per 1,000 Population: 10.5
Marriage Rates
Per 1,000 Unmarried Females: 59.9
Divorce Rates
Per 1,000 Population: 4.9
Divorce Rates
Per 1,000 Married Females: 21.3
Price House
One Story 2-Bedroom: $36,000
Price House
Two Story 4-Bedroom: $85,000
Price Car
Ford Escort: $6,900
Price Car
Buick Skylark: $9,350
Price Milk
Gallon: $1.89
Price Gas
Per Gallon: $1.29
Price Bread
Price Postage Stamp
Popular Music of 1983
1983 marked some of the biggest shifts in 80's pop music. Hip Hop broke through with a vengance, led by Run-D.M.C.'s eponymous debut album. DC's go-go movement was on the way out, but Trouble Funk managed a great live album anyway. Meanwhile, the "alternative" brand of rock favored by college students was starting to settle into a formula. U2 and Midnight Oil put out their best records to date, with U2 at last finally reaching a mass audience. The Meat Puppets cut their first really consistent album. Elvis Costello bounced back with a solid collection and punk rock was alive as well, as proved by Suicidal Tendencies' debut album. Older, more established acts also were in the news, but the slide towards mid-80's irrelevance had begun. ACDC was still going strong. David Bowie had his biggest record in years, and Pete Townshend released an entertaining set of demos. Funk was way past its peak, but the Isleys adapated well to the new synth technology, and Rufus summed up their career with a good live outing. Earth, Wind & Fire also got out a pretty good record, but it didn't sell well.
Top 10 Songs of 1983
Here are a few more popular songs:
Albums you might have been listening to in 1983
Aztec Camera
High Land, Hard Rain
Culture Club
Kissing to Be Clever
Cyndi Lauper
She's So Unusual
Elton John
Too Low for Zero
Elvis Costello
Attractions - Punch the Clock
Sweet Dreams
Husker Du
Metal Circus
John Hiatt
Riding With The King
Lionel Richie
Can't Slow Down
New Order
Power, Corruption & Lies
Paul Simon
Hearts And Bones
P-Funk All Stars
Urban Dance Floor Guerillas
Everywhere at Once
Pointer Sisters
Break Out
Randy Newman
Trouble In Paradise
Richard Thompson
Hand Of Kindness
Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble
Texas Flood
Talking Heads
Speaking In Tongues
Tom Waits
1983 Grammy Award Winners
The big winner at the 26th annual Grammy Awards was, not surprisingly, Michael Jackson. Riding high on the strength of the biggest-selling album of all-time, Jackson picked up Rock Male, R&B Male, Album, and Record of the Year honors.
Grammy Award Winners 1983
Pop Male Vocal
"Thriller" Michael Jackson
Pop Female Vocal
"Flashdance...What A Feeling" Irene Cara
Pop Duo/Group
"Every Breath You Take" The Police
Record Of The Year
"Beat It" Michael Jackson
Song Of The Year
"Every Breath You Take" Sting (songwriter)
Rock Male Vocal
"Beat It" Michael Jackson
Rock Female Vocal
Rock Duo/Group
R & B Male Vocal
"Billie Jean" Michael Jackson
R & B Female Vocal
"Chaka Khan" Chaka Khan
R & B Duo/Group
"Ain't Nobody" Rufus and Chaka Khan
R & B Song
"Billie Jean" Michael Jackson (songwriter)
Country Male Vocal
Country Female Vocal
Country Duo/Group
Country Song
Music Video (short)
Music Video (long)
"Duran Duran" Duran Duran
Best New Artist
Culture Club

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